Our Story

Our story began when we started creating floral gifts for friends and family. After developing our techniques in flower preservation and resin art, we began creating keyrings, coasters and trinket dishes among other mementoes.


As we became experienced and homed in our skill, we decided to extend our service to others, so everyone can keep their precious memories and souvenirs forever. With Love Amie was created to give people the opportunity to hold onto their precious items and flowers with beautiful household items that compliment your home.

Your Memories, Made With Love

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Our Passion

We have a passion for resin art, particularly floral arrangements and love capturing a moment forever by creating individual and unique pieces that will last a lifetime.

Our values are based on communication and quality. We understand that your flowers or items are precious, so we offer a consultation to discuss your requirements and ensure your finished result is exactly what you requested, keeping your items safe at every step of the process.

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